Braces San Francisco, CA

Braces in San Francisco by Dr. Tony Cucalon

Dr. Cucalon uses braces to deliver the most consistent and stable results in tooth movement and root alignment. Some of the most challenging cases Dr. Cucalon treats are skeletal discrepancies such as severe overjet (horizontal component), severe overbite (vertical component), crossbites, underbites, straight or retrognathic (flat) profiles, high gum lines (gummy smile), and severe crowding requiring expansion. Dr. Cucalon has successfully treated patients using a combination of orthodontic auxiliaries including rubber bands, headgears, Herbst, and upper jaw expanders in conjunction with braces.

Braces are generally made up of brackets and wires. Brackets are either metal or tooth-colored ceramic, and they are usually glued with adhesive to the front of your teeth. The wires are threaded through slots in the brackets, and as the wires are adjusted by Dr. Cucalon, they move your teeth exactly where they need to go.​

Are you a candidate for braces? When you schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Cucalon, he can tell you if braces are right for you.

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