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10 Fun Facts About Dr Cucalon!

We all know that Dr Cucalon is amazing at creating beautiful smiles, but have you ever wanted to know more about the man behind your smile? Well look no further! Here are 10 fun facts about Dr Cucalon that you probably didn't know!

1. Dr Cucalon's favorite color is blue!

2. Football is his favorite sport to watch, but baseball is his favorite sport to play and coach.

3. He played left field in baseball.

4. His very first  car was a Ford Granada

5. Dr Cucalon is a Thanksgiving baby.

6. Dr Cucalon's lucky numbers are 7, 9 and 21. 21 Later became his softball number in the SF city league!

7. Dr Cucalon's best ever mile time is 5 minutes 12 seconds! Now thats fast!

8. As a kid Dr Cucalon loved to go to the Cow Palace and watch roller Derby.

9. Dr Cucalon was named after his father and grandfather.

10. Dr Cucalon is Hallmark movie kind of guy! 

Bonus: His trade mark sign is the thumbs up!