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Featured Case: February 2015 Adrian

FEATURED CASE: February 2015 

    Meet Adrian:  Adrain came to us with an EXTREME Overjet (the distance between the front of the lower front teeth to the backs of the upper front called the horizontal component) of 12 mm’s.  That’s a lot!

When Cucalon Orthodontics evaluated his facial profile we determined our treatment should attempt to advance the lower jaw forward versus bringing the upper jaw back.  A Herbst appliance was recommended to help bring the lower jaw forward.  We have included beginning and progress (after Herbst removal)

Profile pictures.  Also, Adrians beginning and progress Ceph /lateral skull films show the changes.  What do you think?!

Adrian is a great cooperator and everyone at Cucalon Orthodontics is thrilled with the results.   We treated Adrian at a young skeletal age to get the best results.  We will continue to observe him and if Adrian does need the second phase of braces when he is older you can only imagine how much easier it will be to align his teeth because his “skeletal” issues have been successfully addressed.

If you have any questions to ask Dr. Cucalon please email your questions at tonycucteam@aol.com.