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Invisablog #1: First Impressions

Dr Cucalon has treated over 900 patients with Invisalign and is among the top 10% of Invisalign providers in the country.

Kelly, our Marketing Coordinator, and Peter, our Office Manager, were given the opportunity to try out an Invisalign treatment and are now here to give you the inside scoop!

The first step to any orthodontic treatment is to have a consultation, Dr Cucalon and our Treatment Coordinator do a thorough exam to determine the best course of treatment for any given patient. 

Peter’s at first glance has a great smile, his main goal with treatment though is to correct his bite. Currently his upper and lower teeth meet edge to edge, instead of the lower teeth fitting behind the upper teeth when his mouth is closed. This sort of bite can lead to premature/abnormal wear or chipping, tooth sensitivity, and even TMJ problems if left uncorrected. 

Kelly has always been concerned with the appearance of her smile. Her lower teeth are slightly crowded and has a cross bite, where one of her lower teeth comes in front of the upper teeth. This sort of bite can cause an abnormal chewing pattern which leads to wearing or chipping of teeth, excess stress on the teeth and surrounding periodontal structures, and even further tooth movement. 

After the appropriate course of treatment has been determined by the doctor and approved by the patient, the first steps for starting Invisalign is to take impressions. Impressions are a mold of your teeth from which your aligners will be made.

Invisalign impressions are made from a special material, known as PVS. You may find them a little different from other impressions you possibly have had. The material is different from tradition impressions, in that it takes slightly longer to set and differs in texture and taste. Kelly describes the taste as faintly minty, but for the most part did not notice it!

Both Kelly and Peter found that the impressions were taken quite quickly, with our assistants making us feel comfortable, since we love to laugh in this office, it makes time fly by even faster...just watch out for Kate! She might get the impression material on your nose! Our assistants pride themselves on getting the impression right on the first try and they did just that! 

After the impressions are done, a series of photos are taken and the case is sent out to Invisalign. It takes about a week for Invisalign to receive the case. After the case is received Invisalign scans the impressions, then Dr Cucalon develops a digital model to personalize your treatment plan. Before we give the okay for your aligners to be manufactured you get the option to review the “clin-check” which shows the progression of your treatment! Once the aligners are approved for manufacturing it takes 4-6 weeks to receive them.

Stay tuned for the next installment in which Kelly and Peter get their first sets of aligners and truly begin treatment!

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