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Featured Case: January 2015 Reese

FEATURED CASE: January 2015

Meet Reese:  Reese visited Cucalon Orthodontics when she was just 7.5 years old.

With great communication between her pediatric dental office and Reese’s parents, we all realized the extreme overjet (the distance between the front of the lower teeth and the back surfaces of the upper front teeth called the horizontal component).  Our office recommended a herbst appliance.  This appliance will help develop the growth of the short lower (mandible) jaw.  We have the beginning  and deband photos shown as well as the beginning and progress lateral ceph.  The lateral ceph helps us see the actual skeletal and dental changes that Reese’s correction accomplished.

Reese was a great cooperator and her results in our opinion were outstanding.

Her herbst appliance was worn for 13 months.  The average time a patient wears  a herbst appliance is usually for over one year.

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